fat joe*Fat Joe clapped back at Big Pun‘s widow, Liza Rios, who claims he owes her money he made off of Pun’s music. He said he doesn’t owe her anything, according to the Jasmine BRAND.

Rios sued him for allegedly cheating her out of money made from her late husband’s music.  She said they (Joe and Pun) were supposed to split his fortune made off of hits like, “I’m Not a Player.”

According to documents, she was paid by Joe until 2005, but she hasn’t received any money since then.  Although, Pun’s music sells on. She’s asking for more than $1 million from Joe.

Although Rios is upset that the agreement has been broken, Joe said the agreement he once had with Pun is no longer valid. She wasn’t part of any contractual agreement nor does the statue of limitations  cover her claim.

Joe said he hasn’t paid her anything since 2000, and he doesn’t owe her anything. He clarified he had nothing to do with Pun’s posthumous albums like Rios believes.

Joe wants the lawsuit to be dismissed, of course. Nevertheless, Rios believes her husband’s money is subject to debts, advances, re-coupment, set-offs & other expenses.