Chris_Carter*Former NFL star and now ESPN sports commentator, Cris Carter is caught in the middle of a lawsuit filed by his ex-business partner. reports that Tyco International filed suit for up to $37 million against Carter Brothers Security Services, the company owned by Carter and his brother John, on November 10th.

The suit counters a federal lawsuit reportedly filed by the Carters over a $35.8 million agreement they signed in 2012. According to the deal, Tyco was to pay $35.8 million for the security, fire and life safety divisions of Carter Brothers Security Services.

Court documents from the Carters’ suit notes that although Cris Carter had worked with Tyco since 2012, but the company failed to pay the the last $3 million due on the deal. As a result, ex-wide receiver filed suit, alleging that Tyco employees of Tyco had used racial slurs when referring to him and his brother in internal communications on various occasions.

Court documents further reveal that, according to Tyco, Carter Brothers Security Services was worth far less than what Cris Carter had told them it was. Tyco goes on to note that after purchasing the company they discovered millions of dollars in undisclosed liabilities and the fact the Carters were being audited. Allegations of the brothers using the company for their personal benefit along with the company not turning over all their assets were also discovered by Tyco. Tyco also stated that Cris and John Carter were destroying documents and blocked access to certain information.

According to reports, Tyco mentioned that the Carters sold them a struggling company due to their gross mismanagement as well as allege that the deal they made had a provision to hold $3 million to protect Tyco in situations similar to this.

Tyco is demanding the full $37 million they used to purchase Carter Brothers Security Services back.

To see court documents related to the case, click here.