Full Force's Bowlegged Lou Updates Bro. Paul Anthony's Health, New Album & More

*Our good buddy, Bowlegged Lou of Full Force let us know that today, Saturday Dec 20 is the 2nd year anniversary of the bone marrow stem cell transplant that his brother Paul Anthony undergone as recipient & Lou as donor.

Here’s what Lou wrote:

We aiming for that 5 year anniversary mark so we can breathe even better. The farther out of the transplant we go, the better. Paul also just received great news of his biopsy (on Friday); the tests showing that he is still in God Good Remission. After a few early weeks of certain health concern’s, Paul emerges with flying colors after the MRI, Pet Scan & Biopsy results.

Another great scenario that is happening is that Full Force will be the first artists in TV One’s “Unsung” history to have a follow-up “Unsung” revisited episode set to air in 2015. A brand new Full Force segment documenting Paul Anthony’s fight for his life when his mantle cell lymphoma turned into acute leukemia, therefore pressing me, his brother Bowlegged Lou, into being a donor champion to my cancer champion brother. The new “Unsung” segment will also feature Paul’s supportive wife Michelle George, his other brother B-Fine, Paul’s lymphoma doctor, Paul Anthony Hamlin (yes Paul Anthony’s doctor is named Paul Anthony, too) & his transplant doctor, Dr Dauter. Also Lou’s Donor Nurses will be featured too.

Other celebs such as Faith Evans will be in the new episode too. Faith gives great accounts on donating her time & love to the new Full Force album on Sony entitled “Full Force With Love From Our Friends.” Faith also appears in the inspirational song with Full Force & Sheila E and a host of other celebs such as Anthony Anderson, Quincy Jones, Donnie McCurklin, Common, Will Smith, The Braxton Sisters,50 Cent, Chubb Rock, Roland Martin, Nile Rodgers, etc. Paul wrote the lyrics to this song in the hospital bed too.

By the way, check out the video for “I Feel Good, I Look Good, I’m God Good” performed by Full Force & Faith Evans with Sheila E:

Another new video from the album is a woman’s empowerment song entitled “Thank You For Leaving Me featuring Meli’sa Morgan (who just got engaged) and Cheryl “Pepsii” Riley with Vivica A Fox doing a sassy spoken word intro:

Album on sale at iTunes, Amazon.com, Walmart, Best Buy & Target. Portion of proceeds goes to the Paul Anthony Live Life Give Life foundation.


(Full Force’s Bowlegged Lou Updates Bro. Paul Anthony’s Health, New Album & More)