Sherri Shepherd

Actress and Comedian Sherri Shepherd, cast member of Chris Rocks “Top Five” joins Youtube star Auntie Fee for ‘Top Five’ tips in the kitchen …Sherri could have kept her husband

*Actress and Comedian Sherri Shepherd, cast member of the movie “Top Five” joins YouTube star Auntie Fee to make pork chops at Auntie Fee’s home in California.

These two are pure comedy as Auntie Fee gives Sherri  her ‘Top Five’ tips  for how she ‘might have kept her husband’ by learning some skills in the kitchen.


Top 5 Tips from Auntie Fee and Sherri Shepherd’s hilarious video below:

Tip 1: Make the seasoning rain like you’re at the strip club

Tip 2: Rub the seasoning in like you put grease on your own a**

Tip 3: Add a little bit of water and flour to make a liquor (not a gravy)

Tip 4: Let Auntie Fee know if you have any dietary restrictions in advance or you might get cursed out

Bonus/Tip 5: If you don’t drink alcohol, don’t try Auntie Fee’s Patron poundcake with liquor from a crackhead.

From Jay-Z, Kanye West and Questlove comes “TOP FIVE” starring Chris Rock, Rosario Dawson, Kevin Hart and more.

Watch the trailer: “TOP FIVE”  Written and Directed by Chris Rock

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