donald glover stage*”Community” actor Donald Glover (rapper/singer Childish Gambino) received the OK from FX Networks for his upcoming comedy pilot, “Atlanta.”

The show will focus on two cousins as they navigate their way through the Atlanta rap scene and rise to the top, according to Deadline.

Nevertheless, the cousins have opposing views when it comes to their art versus getting paid, success and race — making their journey more difficult.

“Donald Glover is a uniquely talented actor and performer who brings real-life experience to this subject matter,” said FX’s Nick Grad.

Grad is referring to Glover who will play Earnest ‘Earn’ Marks, a college dropout who resurrected his dream to become a rap star after his estranged cousin finds success.

Glover will not only star in the comedy, but will executive produce the project as well. This makes a lot of sense since Glover rap alter ego is the Grammy-nominated Childish Gambino.