alpha kappa alpha

*Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority may have an extensive membership and a rich history, but ongoing protests involving the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases have caused a Georgia chapter of the organization to urge members to not protest on its behalf.

On Dec. 6, the Upsilon Alpha Omega AKA chapter posted the following message on its Facebook page as it advised its members against wearing any AKA paraphernalia or speaking on the sorority’s behalf while being involved in protests of any sort:

Upsilon Alpha Omega AKA chapter Facebook postThe chapter’s stance is puzzling, considering Alpha Kappa Alpha is one of the most well-known and respected black Greek organizations around. The site goes on to note that “this is just one chapter and not reflective of the entire organization.” Nevertheless, the fact that the chapter is making these “suggestions” in regards to a longstanding issue and the unified protests from various races coming out of it sends a deeper message.

Reasons behind the message, according to Financial, could range from risking a backlash in financial support from corporate America to the AKA brand being associated with “criminal” behavior despite it being for a just cause.

So what say you? Do you think the Ga. AKA chapter was wise in sending its message out to members or was it a case of overreacting.

Weigh in below: