Sean Hannity

*By all accounts, Jay Z has done pretty good for himself.

Successful businessman. Check. Legendary rap music career. Check. Loving husband and father. Check.

So why isn’t Sean Hannity impressed? Who knows? No, we know. He has an agenda.

On Friday, Hannity dwelled on Jay Z’s past with labeling him as a “former crack dealer.” The rapper was brought up by Hannity during discussion of his recent meeting with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to discuss criminal justice reform.

“I want to talk about Jay Z, who is now the adviser of Andrew Cuomo,” Hannity said, before quoting from the rapper’s book “Decoded,” which references Jay Z’s past as a drug dealer. “Why would the governor pick him?” the Fox News host asked. “We can’t do better than a former crack dealer?”

Noting how Jay Z “turned his life around and is doing a lot of great things in the community,” Democratic strategist Brian Benjamin countered Hannity by mentioning that the entertainer hired by Cuomo to be an official advisor. Instead Jay Z only met with Cuomo and others to address reform for the criminal justice system, Benjamin stated.

Apparently that wasn’t good enough for Hannity and former NYPD detective Bo Dietl, who both concentrated on Jigga’s life before he went straight.

To see Hannity’s discussion on Gov. Cuomo’s meeting with Jay Z, check out the video below: