beyonce - instagram pic
*Beyonce: We all want to be her. She is a talented, gorgeous megastar who manages motherhood while remaining fashionable and powerful. We all look upon her Instagram page with envy. Whether modeling trendy designer threads, strutting a runway, posing in front of a private jet or dominating on stage, she is stunning. While we can’t be Beyonce, we can all take photos and learn to shape our Instagram using her as our inspiration. Here’s where to start.

Take Photos of Your Outfits

Have you seen #ootd (outfit of the day)? It is a popular hashtag that any fashionista can track. Following and using this hashtag yourself is a great way to see what other people are wearing and get style tips. When you’re feeling flawless, take photos of your outfit in a sultry Beyonce pose and post it using #ootd. If fashion is something you enjoy, the #ootd hashtag puts you in line with other fashionistas. Plus, the more photos you take, the more you’ll hone your killer posing skills. Remember, Beyonce is all about confidence. No matter what she wears, she owns it. Even if you can’t afford Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent, you can own your own personal style with grace and ease.

Take Photos in Places of Visual Interest

Rack of surfboards? Take a photo. No matter where you are, you can take a Beyonce-worthy photo by capturing the best of your surroundings. Find an interesting backdrop or prop to feature in your photo. Even a brick wall can be interesting; find a backdrop your outfit will stand out against. We can’t all travel the world, so take photos in your favorite places and hangouts.

It Isn’t Just About You

Highlight the beauty and happiness in your life. Family and friends are just as important as killer selfies. Beyonce may be a fashion icon, but she is also a family woman. Take a cue from her and include photos of your loved ones and the moments you share.

Find Your Own Sense of Style

Celebrate who you are through your unique personal style. Beyonce is first and foremost about female empowerment. Assert who you are as a woman and what this means to you. No matter how you dress, embrace your look and don’t be afraid to show it off in photos.

You can show off your own individual style through unique accessories. It’s the little touches like accessories that add flair and show your personal style. For any fashionista, a chic designer handbag is a must. Choose a style that captures your personality. And don’t forget jewelry, killer shoes and cute sunglasses.

We Can All Be a Little Like Beyonce

Beyonce is about strength, confidence, beauty and all things woman. Whether hanging backstage at Coachella, looking glamorous at a gala or getting dolled up for a photo shoot, Beyonce posts dynamic, visually stunning photos that show off the many facets of her life and personality. Take photos in your favorite outfits, in your favorite places or with your friends and family to give yourself that Beyonce edge. Treat yourself to hip, stylish accessories that will up your fashion game and give you that luxurious look you desire. You’ll be well on your way to Instagramming like Beyonce.