Poetic Justice Jeans "Love Your Curves" www.PoeticJusticeJeans.com

Poetic Justice Jeans “Love Your Curves” www.PoeticJusticeJeans.com

*Poetic Justice Jeans believe that women with curves deserve equal access to stylish attire that fits their shape and fashion perspective. Since the launch of Poetic Justice Jeans women from across the globe have marveled over the fact that they can flaunt their physique in a variety of fashion forward jeans that not only look great but fit them to a tee.

Poetic Justice Jeans  Designer Kalia Calloway:  “What makes Poetic Justice different from all the other lines out there is that we’re covering different types of curvy girls- the curvy girl that has hips, the curvy girl that has a thicker butt, the curvy girl that maybe doesn’t have as a big of a butt but has hips.”

Though there may be an abundance of style in the fashion arena, when it comes to equality in the availability of sizes, that’s a different issue that Poetic Justice Jeans has sought address in their ever growing popular brand of stylish and affordable women’s wear.

Poetic Justice Jeans  Designer Kalia Calloway:  “We’ve addressed all different shapes.  So the most important aspect when designing for us was to make sure that we cover the gaping issue in the back.  The gaping issue is basically where the spot in the lower back just doesn’t fit tightly enough and you have to wear a belt or cover it with a shirt.  Another part that we wanted to address was not really covering up  her (as an any woman’s) curves but actually showing off her curves and allowing her to just show off her hips, and show off her butt and let her be proud of her body as opposed to trying to hide her body.”

 Poetic Justice Jeans. We get it.  Poetic Justice Jeans are on your side, and your thighs, and your hips.  Like a GLOVE. Sizes 4-22    Click, share and join the conversation  on Facebook and Twitter.  Then click, ship and it’s on your hips! All orders shipped within 24 hrs in the continental U.S. Subscribe to the Poetic Justice mailing list and get 50% off your first order.  www.PoeticJusticeJeans.com.