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Jack’N for Beats: We Got Beats Tour L.A., 2014 Panelist.

*The Jack’N for Beats: We Got Bars Tour  has reached L.A. The mobile tour kicked off last week with a press conference at Couture in Hollywood featuring a panel of representatives, including host Jeff MimmsSlaughterhouse recording artist Joell Ortiz, and past years Jack’N for Beats winners, Sinatris and Hydro.

The 18 by 24 ft mobile trailer is driving around the city scouting for competitive emcees for the next eight week through February 5, 2015.

When EURweb associate Billie Jordan asked panelists what’s the difference between where they are now and where they were before the contest, Jack ‘N for Beats former winner Hydro told reporters that he was already doing ‘things’ but the program definitely helped. He  traveled and gained additional experiences and connections that he hadn’t on his on.

“It gave me a boost. It was like taking the elevator instead of the stairs. [The] people that I got to meet, and some contacts that I got to make, and studios that I got to touch, and engineers I got to work with; it would have taken me years and countless amount of dollars to access those people,” said Sinatris, the second Jack’N for Beats: We Got Bars Tour winner.

Jack'N for Beats: We Got Beats Tour L.A., 2014 Panelists.

Jack’N for Beats: We Got Beats Tour L.A., 2014 Panelists.

“If I hadn’t of won the program I would probably be sitting at home listening to Joel Artiz music. And now I’m sitting on a panel next to him talking about music and the program because I won it. So that just, in a nut shell, sums it up to the opportunity and the exposure and the help that the program provided for me,” Sinatris said.

After competing and winning, the panel told EURweb and reporters that winners participate in media interviews, perform in various cities and connect with industry executives. Sinatris was additionally employed with SMG, the parent company of Jack’N for Beats and now works as an ambassador traveling with the mobile tour.

jeff mimms, sinatris

Jack’N for Beats: We Got Beats Tour L.A., 2014 Panelist; Jeff Mimms and former winner Sinatris

According to Guy Ricaud, the West Field Marketing Manager for Jack Daniel’s, the mobile studio will show up in varying locations around the city over the next eight weeks. Emcees can look for communications from the website to find the trailer on any given day.  Log on to: www.Jacknforbeats.com.  The Jack’N for Beats team is also using social media to inform potential contestants. Plus Power 106 will announce locations over F.M. radio.  Also, interested emcees can text LAX68405 to receive text messages informing contestants where the mobile studio is.

jack n for beats mobil studio

Jack’N for Beats: We Got Beats Tour L.A., 2014 Mobile Studio

As the search for the Jack’N for Beats winner ensues the one-of-kind mobile studio and tour sponsored by  features appearances by Joell Ortiz, reality TV star Tahiry Jose and Power 106 radio personality Yesi Ortiz.

guy ricaud

Guy Ricaud is West Field Marketing Manager for Jthe Jack’N for Beats sponsor, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

Jack Daniel’s A&R, AJ Ahmed told EURweb that although record deals are not guaranteed, winners are groomed and set up with scenarios intended to help them advance in the music industry.

Opportunities include meetings with top producers and prestigious record labels. Winners benefit from feedback regarding their development and continued support, Ahmed said.

Although, Sanatris tried out in 2012, the first year of the program and lost. He told EURweb that he didn’t take it serious the first year, but by the second year he developed his craft and pushed his limits and then he won. By the third year he landed a job with SMG.


Jack’N for Beats ambassador and former winner, Sinatris

“[I’m] a brand ambassador and I help and give advice to people because I was in their shoes before.  I lost, I won and now I am apart of the staff.  So look at me, I’m emotional about this because it opened a lot of doors. I would still be in Chicago in 20 degrees with snow and gunfire but I’m not and I’m here so I’m blessed,” he said.

jeff mimms

Jack’N for Beats host, Jeff Mimms

Jack’N for Beats host, Jeff Mimms told reporters that thanks to AJ Ahmed and Johnny Franklin, the brainchild for Jack’N for Beats, the program surveyed some of the best producers in the country and asked them to submit their tracks.

“We go through a process and we filter out the seven that are the best. We have a variety. Any kind of genre that you can think of that’s where those prerecorded tracks come from.  They are all original tracks,” Simms said. Emcees don’t need to bring music they can just come and lay down their 16 bars.

He also told reporters that although several contestants try to incorporate singing the contest is solely a hip hop program. The team hopes to offer competitions for other genres of music by 2016, if sponsors support with finances.

When asked if female emcees have a chance, the panel confirmed that so far three out of seven past Jack’N for Beats winners are women.  Mimms encouraged the who’s who of the city, both male and female to come out and participate.

aj ahmed

Jack’N for Beats A&R, AJ Ahmed

“If you got a hot 16 please be your best A game.  We’re here to have fun and definitely want to give some body a chance to pursue their dreams,” Mimms said.

After the press release the launch proceeded with an abundance of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey; the brands first flavored variation, a youthful crowd, hip hop music and performances from Ortiz, hydro and Sinatris filled the atmosphere at the small intimate bar and night club on Cahuenga. The programs L.A. finale is February 5,  2015. The time and place is so far undetermined.

EURweb Video: Joel Ortiz interview and 2014, Jack’N for Beats: We Got Bars Tour press conference in Los Angeles

jack n for beats truck and mobile studio

Jack’N for Beats truck that pulls the mobile studio

jack n for beats trailer/mobile studio

Jack’N for Beats trailer/mobile studio

EURweb Video:  Jeff Mimms kicks off the 2014, Jack’N for Beats: We Got Bars Tour press conference

 Program information:

Aspiring emcee’s ages 21 and over are encouraged to step into the studio and drop 16-bars over a pre-recorded track of their choice. Submissions are evaluated by judges, who will  select the top-50 to be uploaded to www.jacknforbeats.com for public views and shares. Following two weeks of (public) voting, the top-10 semi-finalists will perform live, on stage at the finale event in front of a panel of judges, consisting of music industry executives and influencers. The hottest emcee will be crowned winner and take home $5,000.

Los Angeles is the fifth city to be added to the lineup, with more markets to follow in 2015.

“We are proud to have a program that serves as a platform for local talent to have their voices heard through music,” said Casey Nelson, Jack Daniel’s senior brand manager – flavor portfolio.

Follow Jack’N for Beats on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for real time updates and mobile-tour locations. Consumers can also view submissions, check out exclusive interviews with top celebrities and see what happens “Behind the Beats” at www.jacknforbeats.com.