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*The term “urban,” when used to describe Columbia’s new update of “Annie” with black actors, is something that co-stars Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx believe is outdated.

Diaz, who plays orphanage matron Miss Hannigan, says this version of the film will become the definitive “Annie” for a new generation of fans who have never seen the original or its past remakes. So what is “urban” to older folks is actually just another regular movie to young fans.

“This is their ‘Annie.’ This is the only ‘Annie’ they’re going to know,” Diaz told EURweb during interviews for the film. “It won’t appear ‘urban’ to them. It’s just going to be a movie that is what it is.”

Jamie Foxx takes the point a step further, using his own recent experience with a record label to prove how the use of racial parameters in describing music and film are becoming obsolete.

“Annie” is in theaters today, Dec. 19.

Watch the trailer below: