Jesse-Williams*Talk of Jesse Williams being this generation’s Harry Belafonte picked up a steam during a new interview.

The “Grey’s Anatomy” star took a stand against social injustice as he elaborated on topics ranging from media-driven racism to what it means to be black in Hollywood to double standards that exist between black and whites.

“If you don’t live around black folks and you just watch TV, you’re going to be racist,” Williams said. “You and the media and a fake a– history system that makes you believe that white people created any of this makes you think that black people ain’t worth a damn.”

Noting parallels between the burgeoning civil rights movement and the gay rights movements from the ‘80s and ‘90s, Williams noted that folks didn’t realize their comments, views and opinions were inappropriate until they were exposed to gay men and women.

As the interview progresses, the biracial entertainer points out that although he’s “as white as you can get being a Black person,” he still struggles like many black actors and actresses in Hollywood who ultimately have a choice to make when selecting roles.

“You got to decide whether to wear a du-rag and rob some white person on a TV show,” Williams said. “Five of my closest friends have to decide every three days whether they want to chip away at their own soul and chip away a piece of themselves to dance and shuck and jive for White America.”

Williams continued to talk real as he cited White America for complicating what can be considered as violence as well as financiers who are ruining people’s economic lives. So much so that he says they are far removed from the criticism Black Americans must face every day.

“Is stealing OK or not?” Williams asked. “It’s a schizophrenic society where we’re told violence is not OK, and Michael Brown is a thug because he muscled some dude in the store. You just blew his f—ing head off, so is violence OK or not? It’s a very fair question to ask.”

To see Jesse Williams entire interview, check out the video below: