I think men take black women for granted in America. I loved the ‘mannerisms’ of the British and how they treat women. In the UK they absolutely adore Black women…” – Read through to the end of this article to get the full scoop on why K. Michelle said she wants to marry a white man. K. Michelle recently moved to the United Kingdom.

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*K. Michelle is heavy in the news right now; not just because of her sophomore album “Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart?” which debuted at the top of R&B Albums. No, much of the chit chat is timely gossip. Sources sent EURweb a few video conversations where the reality star/singer opens up beyond scandal.

“I’m [going] to get married to a nice white man,” K. Michelle said in an interview with an EURweb source. When  asked  about that she said, “I really think they’re attractive.”

It was Power 99 FM, DJs Mutha Knows and Cappuchino  who contacted EURweb with a few one-on-one K. Michelle conversations. Built in was the ‘nice white man’ comment. Each interview dished out buzz that ranged from trash talk about K. Michelle’s friend, Paris who reportedly stole money to beef with Lil Kim and also hearsay that the artist was spreading rumors about Meek Mill and Nicki  Minaj.  Read the full scoop about the white man comment below.

Included in the broadcast is more mature talk … dialogue one might expect from the college graduate with a degree in Psychology. Like K. Michelle’s opinion on the “Sorority Sisters” uproar. And then there’s also K. Michelle’s admitted romance with actor, Idris Elba of whom she said inspired the album.

“Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart” sold 84,000 in its first week; it’s not proven that the association with Elba has anything to do with the albums early acclaim. Although, quite a number of social media commentators say that K. Michelle’s new album has its own merit.

K. Michelle & Idris Elba

Elba wasn’t the only British heart throb that the singer spoke of.  K. Michelle recently moved to the United Kingdom. She told Cappuchino that she loves the way the white men there treat her.

“I think men take black women for granted in America. I loved the ‘mannerisms’ of the British and how they treat women. In the UK they absolutely adore black women.  I love it, they still believe in opening doors, they still go on dates, they’re very protective of women … My father was around and my grand daddy was around and that’s what I’m used to. So when I went over to the UK they just went crazy and I said oh yeah, I am Blue Ivy over here, baby.”

Since K. Michelle is Alumni of  an HBCU, Florida A&M Uiversity, and also pledged  Delta Sigma Theta  as an undergraduate, Cappuchino asked her if the singer had an opinion about the controversy surrounding Mona Scott-Young’s latest reality project “Sorority Sisters,” as complaints  say that the reality show’s trailer misrepresents the Black Greek letter organizations.

“I think sororities are something that are really sacred. African American women from HBCU take this very seriously.  People before us who are dead and gone started this. So I’m not to happy about that,” K. Michelle said.

Through it all, EUR learned that according to K. Michelle’s ruminations, her friend Paris is a liar, Lil Kim is delusional due to the plastic surgeries and she loves Meek Mill and Nicky Manaj.

But perhaps more interestingly, EUR learned that the songstress feels strongly about flack concerning her sorors and that she and Elba had an eight month relationship.

Michelle told the host that she contacted Elba and sent him music from her album before it released and he told her: although he hates [the relationship] had come to this, [the album is] art, she said.

Michelle told Cappuchino that she doesn’t know how ‘Idris’ feels now that the album is out and now that she’s telling everyone that the songs are about him. She got four missed calls from a private number and she told Cappuchino that she knows it was the actor. “I’m [going to] call him,” she said.

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It’s about Idris Elba

‘Kim is delusional’