*Kathie Lee Gifford jumped into the Bill Cosby scandal this morning.

After defending the embattled entertainer for weeks in the wake of sexual assault allegations from dozens of women, the “Today” show co-host revealed Tuesday that Cosby did try to kiss her once in the late ’70s.

At the time of the incident, Gifford and her backup singers opened for Cosby on a comedy tour. She has been quick to stress that Cosby showed her and her backup singers “great kindness and generosity” over the two years they performed together.

On Tuesday’s “Today” show broadcast, however, Gifford revealed a major “disclaimer.”

“I along with so many Americans and people around the world don’t want these (accusations) to be true,” Gifford said on “Today.”

“I will admit towards the end of the tour the last time I saw him he did try to kiss me.

“I said, ‘no,’ I said, ‘Bill, we’re friends.’

“He said, ‘okay, good night,” and I said, ‘good night.’ I went into my room and he went into his room.”

Gifford added that Cosby brewed three cappuccinos for her and her singers every time they got off the stage at the end of their set – a memory that now gives her a “chill” in the wake of claims by supermodel Beverly Johnson that Cosby had attacked her after spiking the same drink with drugs.

“I’m not saying these women’s allegations are not true,” said Gifford. “From my own personal experiences, it didn’t happen.”