Kevin-hart*Kevin Hart’s use of social media is obviously paying off in a big way for him, according to a newly leaked email from Sony.

Bossip cites an email posted to BikiniRobotArmy regarding Sony producer Clint Culpepper. In the message, Culpepper alludes to Hart earning $2 million for tweeting about two movies. The reference came as Culpepper responded to an inquiry regarding whether or not Hart might send out a tweet promoting the Denzel Washington film “The Equalizer.”

Here’s what Culpepper said:

‘Yep. He owes us. I also got him to tweet on NGD. We paid him an extra 2M to tweet on 2 pictures. Let me [see] what I can do. What would you have him tweet? A :15 spot saying check it out and I can’t wait to see this? Or “how excited am I to see Equalizer this weekend?”‘

The mention of NGD in Culpepper’s response seems to be a reference to the Idris Elba film “No Good Deed.” In September, Hart promoted the film with a tweet sent out to his 14.8 million Twitter followers

“Make sure you go support my Brother @willpowerpacker this weekend by seeing “No Good Deed” …. @TherealTaraji & Idris kill this movie!” the funnyman wrote on September 12.

The latest email leak isn’t the first time Culpepper has shared his thoughts on Hart. In another leaked email, the studio executive called Hart a ‘whore’ after members of his team requested more money for him for using social media to promote one of his upcoming films.

In light of everything that has come out, does Hart see himself working with Sony again in the future. As it stands now, Sony plans on releasing Hart’s next two films, “The Wedding Ringer” and “Get Hard.”

“I don’t answer those questions,” Hart told TMZ Monday night while mentioning that he is “politically correct” and “a happy guy.”