kevin hart*Comedic superstar Kevin Hart wants to stay out of the drama. He told HipHollywood the Sony emails hack has nothing to do with him, and he wants it to stay that way.

“At the end of the of day I’m a talent, and as a talent I do what I’m supposed to do which is put smiles on people’s faces,” Hart said.

He added, “the stuff that is going on now doesn’t involve me in any way shape or form, it’s going to unfold how it’s going to unfold. Unfortunately its unfolding now, I think when it comes to a head it will, but I’m far from it, I’m separate.”

Guardians of Peace leaked emails and documents about films and conversations had among Sony Entertainment execs, and it hasn’t been pretty!

The Interview” has been pulled from theatrical release and Sony chief Amy Pascal job was in jeopardy over racist emails before meeting with Al Sharpton.

One of those leaked conversations involved Hart. Screen Gems president Clint Culpepper called him a “whore” for wanting more money to promote one of his films on Twitter.

He doesn’t really care about being called out of his name though. “I don’t have any concern over that,” Hart said. “I’m a talent, I don’t control that world.”

Watch what he had to say below: