yaya dacosta, whitney houston,*After Lifetime’s Aaliyah biopic disaster, all eyes are on Angela Bassett‘s biopic about Whitney Houston‘s life. Here’s hoping the acclaimed actress’ fate isn’t the same as Wendy Williams‘ biopic.

Nevertheless, Lifetime released a premiere date for the upcoming music biopic. The film is scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 17, 2015 at 8pm ET/PT.

Like how the Aaliyah biopic focused on her controversial relationship with R. Kelly, the biopic simply titled, “Whitney,” will focus on Houston’s controversial relationship with Bobby Brown.

YaYa DaCosta will play the title role and at least she looks the part, which can be seen above. Her love interest (Brown) will be played by Arlen Escarpeta.

And although DaCosta looks the part, Lifetime hired singer Deborah Cox to do the vocals for the film. Therefore, the production has taken some necessary steps.

But once again like that infamous Aaliyah biopic, the Houston family isn’t involved with the film and have expressed their disinterest in a biopic being made about Houston’s life.

Nevertheless, after the “big” premiere a documentary called “Beyond the Headlines: Whitney Houston” will air on Lifetime.

Watch the trailer:

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