mr papers & kim2*Lil Kim is again a single lady after two years in a relationship and having a child with struggling rapper Mr. Papers. And he’s rubbing his freedom in her face!

Papers posted a super sexy photo of Kim’s arch nemesis, Nicki Minaj on Instagram, and anyone not living under a rock knows it’s to get a reaction out of his ex.

nicki minaj booty shot


The pic is from Minaj’s 2015 calendar.  He captioned the too-hot photo with, “well damn!” — going as far as tagging Minaj with a “making him sweat” emoji.

Although the old flames have a six-month-old daughter, Royal Reign, together, he’s definitely trying to push her buttons by posting a pic of the new “Queen of Rap” who she claims stole her style.

And things could get ugly if he fights for custody — making legal matters worse for Kim who owes $126,725.12 in back taxes and is being sued for failure to pay her law firm, Dewey & LeBouf.