macy gray

*Macy Gray says she’s lost a huge chunk of her fortune due to gambling…and figures she could’ve been able to buy a house with the thousands of dollars she’s lost through bad bets.

“I love gambling and that’s another bad financial decision I’ve made; to play cards for money,” she tells “The most I’ve won in one night is $28,000 playing blackjack. When I’m in Vegas I love playing poker and I just lose my mind, but not to the point where I think I’ve got a problem. I don’t get up in the middle of the night and go every day, nothing like that.”

When asked how much she has lost, she replies, “Hundreds of thousands I guess. Not millions though but I’ve definitely lost a lot of money. Enough to go and buy myself another house.”

Gray reportedly has her accountants give her a weekly allowance so that she won’t spend too much money, too quickly.