Matthew-Knowles*Mathew Knowles seems to be feeling all the baby mama drama he’s been going through lately.

According to, Beyoncé’s daddy is getting rid of a bunch of items related to the “7/11” singer and her sister Solange in a big garage sale to help make ends meet. The site speculated that the massive sale, which is took place outside his office in Houston last Friday, stems from Knowles’ issues with his baby mama.

On Monday, items that included a giant Beyoncé poster for $200 as well as old tour books for $20, and various pieces of House of Dereon clothing, were still available. In case you’re looking for any Solange music, don’t worry. You can get a Solange CD at a bargain price of … $1.96.

Outside of Beyoncé and Solange stuff, Knowles has office furniture on sale if you need some other items.

Despite offering Solange items on the cheap, Mathew isn’t budging on that Beyoncé poster. TMZ noted that he turned down an attempt to haggle the oversized poster down to $145. So with that, it’s $200 or nothing. Take it or leave.