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McKinley Freeman and Michael Rainey Jr. in ‘Second Chance Christmas’

*”Second Chance Christmas,” an original TV One drama set in Los Angeles, will tug at your heart but in the end fill it with much joy.

McKinley Freeman stars as Malcolm, a celebrity business manager who falls in love and marries the beautiful Maisie played by Robinne Lee, perhaps best known for her role as the suffering wife in the hit BET series “Being Mary Jane.”

While Malcolm is adjusting to Maisie’s 13 year-old son Lawrence played by Michael Rainey Jr., their marriage is struck by tragedy when his wife dies after a car accident.

The standout on the popular VHI show, “Hit The Floor” believes the movie “is a story about love first and foremost and family.”

But it’s also a “very human story that everyone can relate to,” Freeman said.

Second Chance Christmas

Robinne Lee, Mckinley Freeman & Michael Rainey Jr.

What his character didn’t take fully into account was his wife’s teenage son not being ready for a man in the house because he had serious trust issues – nursing the wounds of his birth dad leaving him and his mother.  The death of the teen’s mother pushed the two of them closer together in ways they first fought but later came to embrace.

The film in many ways provided a playbook for the dos and don’ts when facing obstacles not only as a solo parent – but in life.

The 6’3 former college basketball standout observed:

“There’s something liberating about being honest about what you know and what you don’t know. The truer you can be to yourself – the more specific your instructions can be in your life – whether it be a kid or relative or whatever the case may be.”

In the end Malcolm’s faith in God kept him strong – a faith he first rejected but later through a family friend portrayed by the incomparable Ella Joyce he came to embrace.

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You’ll be seeing McKinley’s ripped abs on season three of “Hit The Floor in May of 2015.  He admits he didn’t think the show would be as popular as it is.

“To be 100 percent honest I booked a recurring role on Devious Maids before I booked “Hit The Floor.” So I knew I was going to have a job.”

Freeman has finished another project – planning to start filming in the next few weeks on a movie called Mistresses.

“Mistresses is about three women that discover what used to be a secret about one of their friends and them trying to figure out who the secret is directed at,” Freeman said.

Ladies the sexy Freeman revealed he is single after a relationship fizzled, “I was dating someone for a while. That didn’t quite pan out. Right now I believe when you’re proactively looking for something you’ll never find it.”

He made an interesting analogy about dating, actually using his words “a bad example” when saying:

“When your keys are somewhere and you’re looking for them and you can’t find them – but they’re in the same place they’ve always been. I think for me relationships and dating and those kinds of things is not a preoccupation of mine.”

Also starring in Second Chance Christmas is R&B singer Durrell “Tank” Babbs and “Hollywood Divas” Golden Brooks.

The heartwarming film premieres at 8 p.m. ET on Saturday, December 6 on TV One.

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