*Melanie “Mel B” Brown is reportedly on the brink of divorce from her husband Stephen Belafonte amid claims that he physically abused her.

UK’s Sun is reporting that the former Spice Girl, 39, moved out of their London home on the heels of her absence from Saturday’s UK “X Factor” taping. She was MIA due to an unknown illness that sent her to the hospital “screaming in agony.”

Us Weekly reported that luggage and boxes were removed from the couple’s home on Monday.

“Mel’s marriage has reached crisis point — in fact it’s on life support,” an insider told The Sun (via Us Weekly). “She has told friends it is over with Stephen.”

After being hospitalized, Mel appeared on “The X Factor’s” season finale without her wedding ring.

“She knew what she was doing and wanted to send Stephen a clear message about her feelings,” said a source. “Mel hasn’t spoken to Stephen once since her admission to hospital last week and as it stands she doesn’t want to see him.”

Other insiders said Belafonte didn’t bother to visit his wife in the hospital.

“It’s a very sad state of affairs given she could have died,” said an insider.

Mel also appeared to have scratches and bruises on her body during Sunday’s finale, which prompted speculation of abuse.

Belafonte took to social media early Monday morning to discredit any rumors that he abused his wife. He called the accusations “disgusting” and “untrue.”

Sources confirmed to The Sun that the scratches came from medical care, but admits things are fragile with the star.

“But it was obvious to everyone just how much she was suffering and she was crying at certain points during the show,” revealed the insider.