nick cannon*Celebrity may get you a lot of things, but it doesn’t shield you from the occasional scam.

NBC News reports that “America’s Got Talent” host Nick Cannon and former NFL quarterback Warren Moon were among those victimized in an alleged scheme to fraudulently sell season tickets and shares in the Miami Heat basketball team.

George French Jones, a 45-year-old Los Angeles resident, was charged in an 11-count criminal complaint that was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by prosecutors with the California Attorney General’s Office who worked with the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI), Los Angeles County Probation Department and Los Angeles Police Department.

The complaint, which includes charges pertaining to fraud, grand theft and identity theft, stated that authorities began their investigation of Jones in March 2013 after NBA and Miami Heat security representatives contacted the FBI in Miami with allegations that he attempted to sell a minority interest in the Heat “to several NFL and NBA athletes.”

Authorities also allege French contacted a representative for Moon and said he was working with a broker who represented a minority interest owner of the Heat looking to sell that interest, according to NBC News, which also stated that French also is accused of selling Moon and his representative four courtside seats that he claimed belonged to the minority interest owner, Sidney Kimmel, for $200,000.

In addition to Cannon and Moon, the complaint named former NFL player Jarvis Green as a victim. Green was allegedly contacted and offered a share in the Heat for
for $25,000.

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