nicki minaj, safaree samuels,*Nicki Minaj highlighted her relationship with Safaree Samuels in “Bed of Lies,” but ultimately, she seemed fine after the relationship ended.

Nevertheless, when she stopped by Power 105 and opened up to Angie Martinez she got very emotional talking about her breakup.

“I wasn’t broken up when I was writing those songs. A song is like an argument frozen in time,” she said. “So sometimes in an argument you say things that aren’t necessarily even going to lead to a breakup or it’s not when you broke up.”

Minaj added, “don’t you realize when you break up, you say the same things you said six months ago. But all of it came from a place of love because every single thing– my relationship was based off of love.”

She continued with, “and there still is nothing but love there. It really is the truth. This is not some person I picked up off the street. This is somebody I grew up with. Like I don’t even know how I’m gonna function without that person in my life. I’ve never lived my life as a famous person without him.”

Her emotional started running high — realizing they are not as close as they used to be since they are no longer together.

“I tell my girlfriends, my best friends, but sometimes I still wanna tell him stuff and get his opinion because…”

She couldn’t finish her statement, but Martinez got her point — deciding it was time to take a break. And as soon as they returned, the radio host made it clear she could relate.

“It’s just that I don’t think people realize it’s not just a relationship or a breakup,” Minaj said. “That was a humongous part of my life. It’s not like–I know because of the world we live in, relationships are not even sacred anymore.”

She continued to talk about how being with someone longterm isn’t important these days. Folks find love disposable while on Instagram trying to hurt each other.

“So when people see you–this is not something people are used to. This is a different thing. This is a lifetime,” she said.

She added, “people are married and have three children in this amount of time. So this is different. This is real deal and it is something that I am dealing with…publicly. And it’s not easy.”

One thing the “The Pinkprint” rapper isn’t going to do is disrespect Samuels — since they meant so much to each other. Nevertheless, she believes her rap career had something to do with their demise.

“You want to know what’s so crazy? If I wasn’t a rapper we would be–we would have children, be married and be living happily ever after,” she said. “And that’s what sad. That’s what we’re both sad about because we know that this shit is what did it. ”

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