*Ever since the Ray Rice domestic violence situation surfaced, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has been getting criticized by people for being inconsistent with punishment given to players guilty of the offense.

So why not add President Barack Obama to his list of critics? During ESPN’s “The Herd,” Obama called into the show to discuss the Rice incident and its aftermath.

“The way it was handled also indicates that the NFL was behind the curve,” the president told Colin Cowherd … “As a lot of institutions have been behind the curve, in sending a clear message.”

From there, the conversation shifted to Goodell as Obama referenced his handling of domestic violence incidents involving NFL players.

“You don’t want to be winging it when something like this happens. You want to have clear policies in place,” said Obama, who noted the one positive to come out of the Rice situation. “I’m so glad we got more awareness about domestic violence. Obviously, the situation that happened in the Rice family was important, but it did lift up awareness that this is a real problem that we have to root out and men have to change their attitudes and their behavior.”