*Jimmy Fallon and Oprah Winfrey did a bit on “The Tonight Show” Monday night, presenting several rare clips from their little-known, short-lived 80s soap opera, “Midnight Meadows.”

While both had fond memories of their time on set, they each remembered the director’s peculiar flair for soaking their dialogue in vocal effects. In one episode, Fallon confronts a possibly unfaithful Winfrey, and a high-pitched argument ensues, as if they had just sucked in some helium.

The next episode in their memory was done in a much lower pitch, as if they both were incarnations of Darth Vader.

And while Fallon had to convince a fatigued Winfrey that there was actually a third episode of “Midnight Meadows,” it was worth it to hear the couple reconcile their relationship in auto-tune.

Watch below: