real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-nene-leakes-calls-peter-thomas-a-bitch*Peter Thomas is the most vocal “housewife” out of them all. He’s upset at NeNe Leakes for trying to get his wife Cynthia Bailey fired from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

As everyone knows, Leakes and Bailey aren’t fans anymore, which has been the core storyline for season seven. And Thomas, of course, is in the middle of THEIR drama.

“Still waiting 2 hear what the “blindside” was though. We know exactly what was done to my wife. Suggesting she get fired was the last straw,” he tweeted.

Leakes called him out of his name last season — causing a riff between the ladies. Nevertheless, he doesn’t care about that as much as her coming for his lady’s job.

“Calling me a bitch was one thing. But REAL FRIENDS don’t try to take food out of their friend’s mouth. That’s just real,” he added.

Let’s see how she responds to him blasting her. Most likely Leakes won’t take too kindly to Thomas’ words. She might be coming for his unofficial job next!