pilar sanders 2014 mugshot

Pilar Sanders’ mugshot

*Deion Sanders’ legal battle against his ex-wife Pilar Sanders came to a head  Monday as she was sentenced to seven days in jail.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Pilar Sanders was booked into the Collin County Detention Center in McKinney on a contempt of court charge for not returning her kids after her court-ordered visitation. The seven-day jail sentence was originally set for 30 days , but District Judge Ray Wheless suspended the sentence for one year and sentenced Pilar to probation that ordered her to serve a week in jail in the detention center.

Prior to being escorted out of the courtroom, Pilar objected to the entire court proceedings as she was taken into custody by the bailiff.

In court, Pilar showed out by appearing without an attorney and repeating several times that she was only taking part in the proceedings under threat, duress and coercion.

“I am not a part of the United States corporation,” Pilar told the court.

In addition, Pilar missed opportunities to present her case as she offered no witnesses to testify and didn’t question any witnesses that were called to testify by Deion’s attorneys.

Instead Pilar responded to the judge’s inquiry about whether she had any questions for Deion’s witnesses with, “I stand mute.”

In all, Deion Sanders’ attorneys called for the judge to rule in the hearing with three motions. Two of the motions were related to the divorce decree, while the third motion pertained to the defamation suit Deion filed last month.

The lawsuit, which was filed last month against Pilar, accuses Deion’s ex-spouse of using social media to publish false statements accusing him of crimes, such as child abuse, spousal abuse, assault and attempted murder. Statements Pilar allegedly made in a recent appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor” were also referenced in the suit.

Regarding that case, the Morning News noted that Wheless granted the attorney’s request for a temporary injunction in the case. With the injunction, Pilar was ordered to remove any statements she already posted on social media that could be construed as damaging to Deion. The case has been set for trial on March 2.

Deion Sanders himself took the stand and testified that the allegations Pilar posted on social media were investigated by the NFL and that her continuing posts harmed negotiations to renew his contract and jeopardized his livelihood.

In her response to questioning about videos of her talking into a camera that were posted online, Pilar Sanders testified that the statements she made were true.

“I have not alleged abuse,” she told the court. “I have spoken of my life.”

Pilar’s strange behavior continued during the hearing as she said she didn’t recognize the court’s jurisdiction after citing multiple legal statutes.

Something as simple as giving her name turned into a complicated matter as Pilar took the stand and stated that she did not have a name.

“I am Pilar Sanders Love El Dey Allodial Moorish American,” she testified.

In addition to contempt of court for having the kids past the visitation outlined in Pilar and Deion’s divorce decree, Wheless also took Pilar to task for having possession of the kids when she shouldn’t have.

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