rick ross,*In an interview with Good Morning America, Rick Ross discussed his recent significant weight loss of 85 pounds!

He told ABC’s Sarah Haines his professional career was blooming, but his personal life was not, and he wanted to address his weight.

“Two years ago I suffered two seizures,” Ross said. “And, you know, I woke up from that. And I was like, ‘Wow.’”

His health left him with no choice, but to change his eating habits. Ross cut out the sugary foods and drinks he was consuming.

“Sodas was the first thing I cut out. Most definitely. That was, majority of my sugar. The way I ate, you know, fast-food,” he said.

Every morning he has three eggs with turkey bacon. He follows his breakfast with a rigorous workout routine he likes to call “RossFit.”

Nevertheless, it’s not about being fat for him. But it’s about being healthy and living a better life because it’s what’s best for him.

“You know, I feel I’m fat boy forever. I’m going to always be a fat boy. But it most definitely was just something I had to do, you know, for the better, you know,” he said.

He added, “I always enjoy my size. I love taking my shirt off, running around, you know … it was really a health issue for me.”

Watch the interview below: