*Brits can calm down now…or in the local lingo, keep calm and carry on.

Buckingham Palace has spoken – and they are fine with LeBron James touching the Duchess of Cambridge.

A collective gasp was sparked across the pond when James posed for a pic with his arm around England’s future queen. The photo op took place during Prince William and Kate Middleton’s trip to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, where the Nets took on LeBron’s Cleveland Cavaliers.

A so-called “etiquette expert” told the UK’s Daily Mail that his arm around Middleton was a case of “an American being too touchy feely.” Other British media outlets expressed the same disdain.

There’s even, apparently, an entire web page dedicated to how one should and should not greet fellow human beings who happen to be part of the Royal Family. On top of all that, Piers Morgan hated on James for a perceived lack of decorum.

“You do not touch a member of the royal family unless they ask you to touch them or extend their hand,” he said. “LeBron James, you may call yourself King James — you are not a real king.”

But according to… on Friday got comment from Buckingham Palace about the international incident — and it turns out there’s no such problem.

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge very much enjoyed their time in the U.S., including attending the NBA game and meeting LeBron,” senior communications officer Laura King told the news site via email.

“When members of the Royal Family meet people they want them to feel as comfortable as possible,” King said. “There is no such thing as Royal protocol.”

So there you have it — the Cleveland Cavaliers star has been exonerated by Buckingham Palace itself.

James, for his part, hasn’t commented on the matter — possibly because it was a pseudo-controversy to begin with.