*This Christmas, Common, is portraying nonviolent scientist and SCLC director , James Bevel, in the critically acclaimed, “Selma.”

EUR spoke with the artist about unarmed black men and the last time he said, ‘enough, is enough!’

selmaEUR: Why should people go see “Selma?”

Common: There haven’t been a lot of movies that deal with Civil Rights. I would say this is a superhero movie! Because each person within the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and some of the people that were in the marches, all posse this extraordinary power and strength to fight for what they believed in and to change the world. This is like the real superhero movie.

selmaEUR: What parallels do you see between “Selma” and current events (like Ferguson and Staten Island)?

Common: This film is right now! Mike Brown being killed parallels with Jimmie Lee Jackson being killed by that Alabama State Trooper, and the many others that were shot down in cold blood, for no reason… just for being the color of their skin. For us to see this happening 50 years later, is a statement to the fact, we have to do more work to change it. This film is not only something you can appreciate as an art but it also inspires you and makes you want for a better world.

I’ve been to St. Louis to make certain things happen and to support. I don’t like broadcasting everything I do because it’s not for public consumption…BUT I am down for the movement.

selma EUR: There is a really powerful line in the movie…’enough, is enough.’ When was the last time you had to say, ‘enough, is enough?’

Common: What they did in Selma is one of the most incredible feats we’ve seen in the world. To be able to go through that in a nonviolent manner and really create change…they got former President Lyndon B. Johnson, to write a voting rights bill, when he didn’t want to do that, that wasn’t on his agenda, that is what you call being effective.

“Selma” will be in select theaters Christmas Day and everywhere January 9th. To find local listings click here.