i can't breathe

*(Via theGrio) – Eric Garner’s last words have become the slogan of a new movement. “I can’t breathe” is now everywhere. It’s a hashtag for people’s frustrations over the sense that Black lives are being hunted. It’s on T-shirts, to show solidarity with nationwide protests and to make a statement.

Activists, celebrities, and everyday people are chanting “I can’t breathe” because every time another Black person is killed by a cop without consequence, we feel like WE CANNOT BREATHE. It’s a continuous punch to our collective chests.

“I can’t breathe” now belongs to the people. This is why it’s completely ridiculous that a woman named Catherine Crump has filed a trademark application for the phrase. The Smoking Gun reported that the woman from Waukegan, IL submitted the application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on December 13. She wants to use the phrase for T-shirts and hoodies. She said she’s been using it in commerce since August 18, a month after Eric Garner uttered those words.

According to The Smoking Gun:

“In an interview, Crump said that she had “nothing to do with the Garner family,” and had not spoken to them about her trademark bid. While claiming that her purpose for marketing “I can’t breathe” garments was not to make money, she declined to disclose what other reason there was for her trademark filing (which cost $325).“

I know all’s fair in love and capitalism but this level of greed is so disgusting and appalling. How dare she try to claim ownership of any sort of a dying man’s words? On a scale of 1 to kick an orphan, this is on level “steal from the homeless.”

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