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*According to online reports “The Interview” will appear in theaters after all.

Select exhibitors are preparing Christmas Day screenings of the controversial James Franco-Seth Rogen comedy, with the Plaza Atlanta theater and Alamo Drafthouse announcing via social media that Sony Pictures has authorized them to show the film despite major exhibitors cancelling screenings in the wake of a cyber-attack that debilitated the studio, according to Variety.

There is also growing speculation that the studio will offer the film via VOD. Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton stated in an interview with CNN on Friday that no on-demand providers had stepped forward to offer to handle the VOD release, but that may have changed in the past few days with the intense media coverage of “The Interview” situation.

While a number of major theater chains have expressed displeasure at Sony for shifting the blame to them in the decision to pull “The Interview” from wide release, a group of independent exhibitors reiterated that they were willing to show the film in an open letter to Sony bosses Michael Lynton and Amy Pascal published Monday.

A New York theater is also planning a live read of the film’s screenplay for Dec. 27.

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