*You may call it fate, kismet, destiny or an act of the music gods, but however Jamila Woods and Owen Hill began playing music with one another, we are the beneficiaries of that encounter. The collective influences of their hometowns (Jamila – Chicago, Owen – Baltimore) and musical predecessors, along with their backgrounds in poetry and bass guitar, mixed with Ivy Leagues education and imagination, as the two connected following graduation to begin a journey towards a space in music that’s laid dormant too long. That space is an area where artists are free to experiment with being themselves and creating sonic havoc by telling truths over soulful grooves and melodies that tell a story within themselves.

Their first collaboration was a Christmas EP that proved to the duo that they were on to something, which is great, because Owen had given himself three months to make something happen in Chicago before he moved on to San Francisco. The pair quickly began work on The Joy and the buzz began through Chicago and eventually started to catch on where those in the know were listening to music. The release of the album ran concurrently with a crowdfunded tour that kept them on the road for ten weeks, as they crashed open mics and on friends’ couches around the country in support of their dream.

The alter egos are a play on their given names, but the music is authentically Jamila and Otis; adventure soul is what they’ve labeled their sound, because the music is organic, yet transports the listeners from one space to another. Many of their songs go in different directions, new adventures so to speak, because the subject matter isn’t limited to the dancefloor or the bedroom. Up next is The Adventure Soul Project on which the duo further defines their sound and craft music that creates a sonic visual of what adventure soul is. Part of the expansion of their sound is the development of their union as a songwriting team; the two of them are spending more time in the studio together bringing ideas to tape and stretching the boundaries that impact major label artists.

The evidence of their daringness is in the ambition cover of the OutKast smash “Hey Ya”, which deconstructs Andre 3000’s version and allows Jamila to put her own stamp over Owen’s reconstructed musical foundation. It’s an excellent glimpse into what M&O are about, as does “Blue”, another stellar track that find them hitting their stride as a unit. The duo is fearless, they have nothing to lose, so they allow the music to stretch in various directions. Milo & Otis are independent artists in every aspect of the word; they write, produce, book, develop relationships and even make their own CD’s at the moment.

After the release of The Adventure Soul Project, things may change a bit…

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Check out “Blue” and their amazing cover of “Hey Ya”: