titi branch
According to reports, Titi Branch, 45, the co-founder of Miss Jessie’s beauty products, has died.

NV Magazine is reporting that she passed away on Dec. 4. However, there are conflicting reports that she may have committed suicide. Unfortunately as of this posting her family or authorities have confirmed one way or the other. A family friend has confirmed to the Washington Post that Branch has indeed died.

Miss Jessie’s was founded by Titi and her sister Miko. The duo ran a popular salon in New York City. The company was preparing to have their annual holiday party when it was abruptly canceled without notification. There have been subsequent tweets from Miko and the official Miss Jessie’s Twitter account, which pay tribute to the fallen entrepreneur, reports Black Enterprise.

Prep School Negro director and producer, Andre Robert Lee, posted a video tribute to Titi Branch set to Frankie Beverly and Maze’s “Before I Let Go.” The moving clip concluded with a shot of the funeral program from Branch’s wake (watch it below). He also retweeted Miko’s short tribute to her sister. Miss Jessie’s was one of the first major hair care lines to be found in national chain stores like Target. The company, which followed the success of Lisa Price’s Carol’s Daughter, experienced explosive praise, and expanded into Wal-Mart and several drug store chains.

Titi Branch, along with her sister, Miko Branch, ran the ever-popular Miss Jessie’s salon in New York City, where they sold their own brand of hair products. The sisters could be considered pioneers in the natural hair care business, catering to those with kinks, coils and curls.