sherri shepherd top five

*There’s a scene in “Top Five” where Chris Rock, as superstar actor Andre Allen, takes a journalist (Rosario Dawson) with him back to his old neighborhood in New York.

You’ve seen it in the trailer – Sherri Shepherd, Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock, Leslie Jones, Michael Che and other comics are in an apartment hashing out their personal top five rappers of all time.


The scene was shot in the projects on E 102nd in New York, and the actors soon realized that the original occupants of the space were not trying to give up their precious real estate just because Hollywood showed up uninvited.

“It was roaches everywhere,” declared Shepherd at the film’s press conference. The former co-host of “The View,” who plays Andre’s ex-girlfriend Vanessa, said it was one of the things that helped her bond with co-star Dawson because they were both screaming and squealing in fear. “Roaches were everywhere, even crawling out of the cameraman’s shorts!”

Sherri got so used to the critters that she saw one crawling on a wall behind Dawson during their scene together, hit it, and never broke character.

Below, Sherri gives credit to the film’s writer, director and star Chris Rock for being able to manage the “cacophony of chaos” in those apartment scenes.

“Top Five” opens nationwide on Friday, Dec. 12.

Watch the trailer below: