*Poor, poor Usher, he’s got female problems again.

Admit it, some days you fantasize about being Usher and living large like him, right? No?! Well, it doesn’t matter ’cause right about now he’s probably wishing he wasn’t Usher.

That’s cause a certain stalker is on a mission to shake Ursh down for cash … again. If you missed it, back in November, the singer and “The Voice” coach requested a restraining order against Darshell Jones-Rakestraw, after she sent disturbing messages to him via Twitter and Instagram.

Jones-Rakestraw, according to Hello Beautiful, was arrested on Dec. 6 and is being held at the Fulton County jail after being charged with contempt of court. In 2012, Jones-Rakestraw was served with a restraining order from Usher after she came to his home demanding access. She received a warning by police not to return to the singer’s home only to show up again the next day trying to enter his home while claiming to be his wife. It was then that she was then taken to a psychiatric ward for a mental evaluation but was released.

Next the crazy lady created a video on YouTube excited about the restraining order Usher signed off, but somehow she interpreted that as he was attacking her character. Interestingly, she was able to present evidence from her bank statements to show the Grammy winner gave her money (no we don’t have the amount). After that, a judge granted Usher’s request for the restraining order, but it ran out June 2013. Now the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting Jones-Rakestraw started harassing Usher once again by leaving messages with his attorney demanding the singer send her money and return her calls. According to court documents, Jones-Rakestraw left a voice message stating:

” I drove to Chicago and I want him to Western Union me some money or either give me something to get to work and I’m not playing with him. I’m tired of the games. If I can’t eat, he can’t eat.”

Court records also accuse Jones-Rakestraw of telling Usher’s security team she will follow him on tour and “get him” if he didn’t give her money.


(Usher’s Stalker At it Again; He Files Another Restraining Order)