Earl Hayes & Stephanie Moseley

*(Via iDateDaily) – By now everyone has probably heard about the unfortunate tragedy that took place with Floyd Mayweather’s friend/associate, rapper Earl Hayes and Earl’s wife, VH1 celebrity Stephanie Moseley.

Numerous reports state that Earl Facetime’d Mayweather in a rage claiming that Stephanie had been unfaithful (allegedly the affair was with R&B singer Trey Songz) and that he was going to kill her. Floyd pleaded with him to calm him down but his efforts were in vain, ending in a murder-suicide. My condolences to the family of both Stephanie Moseley & Earl Hayes, as well to “Money Mayweather” for having to witness this happen to two personal friends.

Whenever these type of unfortunate circumstances occur, I think it’s important that we all reevaluate how we look at love and relationships. I believe, overall, there is a very unhealthy view of love & relationships in our society. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure death by murder-suicide as a result of being heartbroken by a cheating spouse, isn’t as rampant as say, cancer deaths, but the mentality that spawns that should still be addressed.

We have to evolve our love. We have to revamp our relationships. This idea that we own our girlfriends/boyfriends/spouses is a ridiculous notion. We have to change how we love. Now sure, if you get into a committed relationship and you agree to keep it monogamous, it will definitely sting if you find out your partner has broken that trust. However we should have a more mature perspective on these situations. Obviously we shouldn’t go and kill them for giving in to their perfectly normal desires of enjoying moments with other people, but we also shouldn’t get too bent out of shape about it.

I believe we get mad about it because we take it as some sort of knock to who we are as lovers, companions, etc. But why must that be the case? Why can’t it just be that your partner wanted to enjoy someone else? — without wanting to end that relationship with you, without having anything negative to say about you, and/or without you doing anything wrong at all. That’s also a possibility and there’s nothing wrong with that.

“I think that monogamy is artificial. I don’t think it’s something that comes natural to us.” – Tom Ford

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