cyber monday

*(Via Newsy) – ‘Tis the season for trampling, elbowing and arguing with anyone standing in the way of those awesome deals that come with the Thanksgiving holiday. But since Thanksgiving and Black Friday have passed, Cyber Monday might be your last chance to snatch up some of those discounts.

In recent years, both Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals have started to move online, which leads some to wonder if Cyber Monday is still all that relevant.

Though as a contributor for ABC notes,“Cyber Monday has extra lives. … Cyber Monday is far from dead, it’s now the action packed catch all, final sale of the Black Friday season.”

Yes, there are plenty of deals out there. You just have to know where to look. “Cyber Week starts early.” (Video via Walmart)

“This Cyber Monday, get our best deal of the season.”

“Cyber Monday is so big it starts Sunday.” 

But how do the deals measure up to Black Friday, which these days isn’t at all contained to Friday but instead starts on Thursday. Actually, both Black “Friday” and Cyber “Monday” run through the week in many cases, but it’s the pricing that makes all the difference.

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