Actor/Activist, Jesse Williams (Right)

Actor/Activist, Jesse Williams (Right) took home the Drum Major for Justice Award at the SCLC-SC Legacy Awards Gala

*During the recent King Week in Los Angeles, the SCLC-SC Legacy Awards Gala honored six individuals who continue to do work inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  The award recipients were Jesse Williams (Actor, Activist) who took home the Drum Major for Justice Award, Peggy Dammond Preacely (Member of SNCC, a Freedom Rider and MHP-retired), Helen and Dr. Robert Singleton (Former SNCC members and Freedom Riders Respectively) who took home the Rosa Parks Humanitarian Award, K.W. Tullos (Director of National Action Network) awarded the Rev. Thomas Kilgore, Jr. Prophetic Witness Award, and Attorney Jamie Wright who took home the Emerging Leader Award

Jesse Williams awarded the Drum Major for Justice Award made a profound speech reminding us of where we are in current times with topics regarding race, activism, and technology.

SCLC of Southern California is a community resource that works to improve conditions of the impoverished.  Pastor William Smart, Jr. (CEO of SCLC-SC) states, “SCLC-SC clearly understands its mission in these modern times, closing the economic gap  and all the vestiges that creates racism and poverty- and pushing forward with one of the oldest tools that empowered the most people – the right to vote 50 years after the civil Rights Act of 1965.

2015 Jessie Williams Acceptance: Drum Major for Justice Award 




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