*The highly-rated Lifetime biopic “Whitney” chronicled Whitney Houston‘s relationships, and not just Bobby Brown. It featured her long-term friendship with Robyn Crawford.

According to ET, Angela Bassett is leaving it up to the audience to determine if the Houston and Crawford lesbian rumors are true!

“There always have been rumors and they still persist. There was always speculation so my thing was, let it remain,” Bassett said.

She added, “It’d be how the audience sees it. If they read into it, that’s what they read into—two women who are close and love each other and support one another.”

Their relationship in film is very affectionate. In one scene where Houston was distraught Crawford prevents and fights off Brown from seeing her. This fuels those rumors.

“I think what they had between them is a real, honest and fierce affection and caring for one another,” Bassett said. “May we all have a friend who will fight for us.”