black dynamite

The hit animated series “Black Dynamite” released an hour-long movie special titled “The Wizard of Watts”

*UnfortunatelyAdult Swim television’s season finale of “Black Dynamite‘s” “The Wizard of Watts” aired on Friday, 01-09-15.  But to view the “Black Dynamite” schedule and clips visit the Adults Swim Black Dynamite” play list.

About Black Dynamite + “The Wizards of Watts”

A spin-off of the 2009 instant cult-classic and Sundance favorite by the same name, “Black Dynamite” follows the title character and his band of eccentric associates through the 1970s as they keep their city safe from ninjas, a young Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby and Richard Nixon, among other nemeses.

The musical special follows Black Dynamite as he attempts to take a one-day vacation from protecting ‘The Community,’ and all hell breaks loose. ‘The Man’ rears his menacing head when police begin patrolling the streets, and a riot pops off.

A brick to the head sends Black Dynamite hallucinating into the Magical Land of Oz-Watts, where the Rodney Munchkings are being terrorized by a vicious battalion of pigs and everyone needs Black Dynamite’s help.

The finale included special guest appearances by Tyler The CreatorErykah Badu, Chance The RapperTim Blake Nelson and J.B. Smoove.




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