beyonce knowles*Beyonce doesn’t play when it comes to her name and her brand. And a small craft company, Etsy, had to learn that the hard way.

Etsy — a cross between eBay and Pinterest — was copying her Feyonce mugs, according to TMZ. Uh-oh! Messing with the Queen is a no-no!

feyonce mugs,The mug became popular online. Many folks bought the mugs to help celebrate loved ones’ engagements, but Bey wasn’t happy about this.

When the singer got wind of the copycat, her lawyer sent off a letter, and then threatened the small craft company (with the Beygency).

Etsy removed the item from their online store, but they still have Feyonce clothing and glassware in their online store too — still selling big. They better stop before the Beygency comes.