bill cosby - ear piece-mic

*At Bill Cosby‘s 3rd night of his Ottawa, Canada performances on Friday night around 30 protesters disrupted his show with chants of “We believe the women,” in reference to the multiple sexual assault allegations against the comedian.

It happened about 5 minutes into his show that around 30 women rose from their seats and took off their coats to reveal white T-shirts that said “we believe the women.” Some blew whistles and shouted at the comedian.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Cosby asked security not to arrest anyone, saying, “Stop, let them have their say.”

On the other hand, Cosby’s supporters came back with shouts of “we believe the men” and “we love you Bill.” The show continued after the demonstration and Cosby received a standing ovation from the remaining audience members.

As we’ve reported, multiple women have come forward to accuse the 77-year-old comedian/actor of sexual assault. Through his lawyers, Cosby has denied the allegations and has never been charged with any of the alleged assaults.