*EUR was On The Scene with Kevin Costner and Paula Newsome, at the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Black or White,’ which hits select theaters this Thursday.

black or whiteEUR: There is a really powerful scene between you and André Holland (who plays Reggie Davis) when he is waiting by his car…Talk about how this movie addresses a lot of topics people are shy to talk about.

Kevin Costner: The film says what I’ve been trying to figure out  how to say…We all get confused by this, we’ve grown up with it and we’re still here. Yes, we’re moving forward but not fast enough and there’s people that are still injured by this reality.

black or whiteEUR: How did living in Compton help you with this film?

Kevin Costner: I’ve had a lot of experience with the ideas of race and how we talk. I was born in the 50’s, in South Central and lived in Compton. I was very aware of how people spoke … I said those words…never in anger, but in arrogance and stupidity…I didn’t realize the level of hurt. At one point in my life those words went away and weren’t acceptable any more, I saw that first hand.

Paula Newsome

EUR: Do you think people are tired of being bombarded with race?

Paula Newsome: I think it’s a difficult conversation but it’s one that needs to keep happening. And I think it’s difficult when people don’t want to hear about it sometimes because of the origins of it. Slavery impacted this county in a heinous and challenging way and it continues to. So many people are like, ‘I didn’t do it, my people didn’t do it.’ For African Americans it created a language of fight in us because if we fought, we survived.

Kevin Costner: I don’t know what people are tired of…People are tired of being discriminated against and their tired of being marginalized. If I felt that same way, I wouldn’t go away.

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