Bobby-Brown*Viewers watching Lifetime’s ‘Whitney’ will be able to go deeper into Whitney Houston’s relationship with her ex-husband as Bobby Brown himself remembers the late vocalist in a special airing after the highly anticipated biopic.

The one-hour special, titled “Bobby Brown: Remembering Whitney,” will feature Brown chatting with “Access Hollywood”‘s Shaun Robinson about the ups and downs of his relationship with Houston, from the highs the couple experienced during the peak of their respective success to their eventual split and actions covered in the tabloids.

In a clip from the interview, Brown reveals that he and Whitney cheated on each other.

“There was infidelity in the marriage, on both parts,” he said. “Both of us cheated on each other. Period. That’s hard to swallow for both of us. I just think when two people that love each other as much as we loved each other, when they start drifting apart, different people come into the situation, into the scenario. We make mistakes. People makes mistakes. We’re human.”

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“Bobby Brown: Remembering Whitney” is set to air AFTER “Whitney” at 10pm E/P tonight (01-17-15) on Lifetime.

In other B. Brown news, the entertainer has another legal situation on his hands. reports that Brown is demanding $1.1 million dollars from the author who claimed he was set to leave his fiancé and re-marry Houston shortly before her death. According to Brown, the published article caused him to lose numerous contracts and jobs.

Brown’s lawsuit against the writer, Derrick Handspike, reportedly stems from the singer suing Handspike and The National Enquirer over the story. Brown claims the article defamed him with claims that he and Houston were planning a Las Vegas wedding prior to her death. Brown also claims that statements attributed to him were included in the article saying he told friends he believed he could have prevented Houston’s death, that he broke up with his fiancé because he wanted to get back with Houston and also claimed his finance understood due to the fact that Houston was the love of his life.

The Enquirer reportedly responded to the lawsuit by denying they did anything wrong, despite admitting they never spoke to Brown about the information they published. In addition, the tabloid shot down Brown’s accusations they knew the information was false.

The back and forth resulted in Brown reaching a settlement with the Enquirer and dismissing them from the lawsuit. Despite this, Brown continued his lawsuit against Handspike. The “My Prerogative” singer filed documents in the case on Jan. 13th demanding the court serve the writer of the article with a default judgment.

Brown stated that Handspike was served with the legal papers and has failed to respond to the allegations against him in court, theJasmineBrand noted. As a result, Brown explained that he the court to order Handspike to pay $1.18 million for authoring the lies about him and Whitney Houston.

Brown claims he lost $100,000 in contracts/offers alone as a result of Handspike’s article. The other $1 million comes from damages that Brown claims have caused and will continue to cause for him in the future because of the printed story.

The judge in the case is expected to make a decision on Brown’s motion in the near future. To see court documents related to the case, click here.