Bobby V

*Many of popular music genres (hip hop, dance pop) include R&B elements, but R&B isn’t as popular as it used to be.

We’ll leave it to Bobby V to point out what happened to R&B since the 90s.

“R&B is in a weird place. Me being a real singer and playing piano and stuff like that and trying to be one of the forerunners [who are] bringing R&B back; and seeing the business and game where it is now … I’m not giving up on it —but I’m just sitting back a little bit and reevaluating things. I’m seeing where urban music is going,” he said.

He further pointed out urban music is more about hip hop now than R&B. Remember in the 1990s, when both genres were arguably as popular?

“I don’t really think it is R&B. R&B is more of a black market, kind of. It’s [gone] all the way hip-hop. The rappers are singing,” he added. “So if rap is more popular than R&B and rappers are singing, then it kind of leaves us out the door — those that really do real R&B.”

Bobby V added urban music’s themes are all about sex: side chicks, main chicks, cutting of chicks and degrading women all around.

“Of course, you can make an R&B song degrading women and saying some negative things and that may work,” he continued. “Because it seems like those are the R&B songs that are working now, which is a little sad to me. But I’m not that kind of guy.”

90s-styled R&B was a defining moment in Bobby V’s development and for the genre of contemporary R&B.

“[’90s] are the years when I was really interested in R&B. The 90s are when I learned a lot … about R&B,” he said. “I saw it change a lot between 2009 and 2010; it started to change. That’s when the AutoTune got really big which made everybody able to sing. That’s when R&B changed.”

Well, here’s to the “Slow Down” singer joining a resurgence of R&B.