nene leakes, claudia jordan,*Claudia Jordan is Atlanta’s newest “housewife” and after receiving her peach, she was welcomed on the show. But OG housewife NeNe Leakes doesn’t like her, according to The Huffington Post.

Jordan wrote about how she feels about the ugliness Leakes has thrown her way in her Bravo blog. And things have gotten pretty nasty between the ladies.

“Sadly I’m not really surprised by NeNe’s ugly demeanor. This is a person that I, along with the rest of the world, have watched transform from the fun underdog to the mean girl, who now seems to go out of her way to be rude,” she said.

She added, “LET ME BE CLEAR: I have never implied that NeNe and I were friends, nor was I ever interested in pursuing a friendship. Quite frankly outside of her hustle, I really don’t see any redeeming qualities about her personality that would make me want to spend time with her. The short time I have spent with her these last few months were draining.”

Last week’s episode was intense. But Leakes calling  her a half-breed took it too far and sparked Twitter backlash. Jordan continued to respond below:

“I have never had another woman make so many derogatory comments about my lady parts and to tell me that I’m a whore,” she said.

She added, “one episode you don’t really know who I am. The next episode you know that I filed bankruptcy. You know I’m a whore. You know the conditions of my c***.”

She continued with, “I just thought that was weird and a low blow and kind of desperate,” Jordan says of the comment. “And I think that Nene is kind of used to saying kind of vulgar, mean things and people kind of backing down because people are afraid of her. But I’m not afraid of her.”

Watch Jordan’s response below: