*Prosecutors in Indianapolis have filed charges of rape, criminal confinement with bodily injury and battery resulting in bodily injury against backup Colts linebacker Josh McNary.

Peg McLeish, a spokeswoman in the city prosecutor’s office, confirmed Wednesday that the charges were filed. No details were released.

The 26-year-old Army graduate has not yet been arrested, McLeish said, but an arrest warrant was signed by a judge.

The alleged rape occurred on December 1 in his apartment, McLeish said.

The Colts said they were aware of media reports about the incident.

“But unfortunately that’s the limit of our knowledge,” the Colts said in a written statement. “At this time, we are very concerned and trying to find out what the relevant facts are, but we have insufficient information to venture any opinion. As we learn more, we will make appropriate updates.”

McNary is listed as a second-string inside linebacker for the Colts, who play the New England Patriots on Sunday in the AFC championship game. He has 28 tackles in 15 games this season.

The 6-foot, 251-pound player is in his second season. He played collegiate football at Army and served in the military from 2011 to 2013 before joining the Colts.