*The school that Deion Sanders founded in 2012 is in danger of losing its charter.

Prime Prep Academy is said to be in serious financial crisis, according to members of the former administration. According to The Dallas Morning News, it’s not certain if the school can survive until the end of this school year.

The school couldn’t make the December payroll and had to pay employees about a week and a half late. Prime Prep also missed paying employee health insurance premiums, Teacher Retirement System of Texas contributions and unemployment insurance.

The reported financial crisis is just the latest in a rocky existence for the school. Sanders was fired — then rehired the next day — after choking the school’s chief financial officer. Just last year, Prime Prep lost its eligibility to be part of the National School Lunch Program.

In a Facebook status posted to his page Monday, it appeared Sanders had given up.

deion sanders statement

Per KERA News, managers installed by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) have called a meeting Friday to discuss when they might shut down the school for good.